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Carsten Sennov

  • Carsten Sennov, born in 1962; is the managing partner of SennovPartners, which he started in 2004. Here he works as a consultant, coach and advisor for leaders in smaller and larger companies.
  • As responsible for SennovPartners' franchise-based spiritual training businesses he oversees the continued international expansion which today covers Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, France, England, USA and Japan.
  • As CEO and co-owner of Good Adventures Publishing, he is responsible for publishing and selling the company's books currently available in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Russian, Japanese, Czech, French and English. The French and English books are available on Amazon and other Internet bookstores and the French and English books are also available as eBooks (Kindle and epub format).
  • Carsten Sennov is married to Anni Sennov, the author of 25 books on spirituality and personal development of which he has co-authored eight books.
    He is the main author of “Be a Conscious Leader in Your Own Life”, which among other things describes the four element profile™ personality type indicator, which the couple have jointly developed.
  • In 2011 Carsten & Anni Sennov started the course company four element profile™, where Carsten Sennov is the managing partner. Here courses are offered in collaboration with a number of trained associated partners in the Nordic countries.
  • In April 2017, the couple launched the Energy Self-Defense concept that consists of 10+ books and online courses teaching people how to avoid losing personal energy and maintain a life in balance by using powerful mental and spiritual tools on a daily basis.
  • In 2012-13, Carsten Sennov was the EMEA contact person for Essess Inc. - a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) spin-out in Cleantech.
  • Most of 2008 Carsten Sennov worked for Vaekstfonden, the Danish State investment fund, with an incubation project within the CleanTech area. The goal was to start an international growth company reaching €50 mill. in revenue in 5-7 years with him as the CEO and co-owner.
  • Carsten Sennov was Deputy CEO at Capgemini Denmark, where he was employed from 1999 to 2003. Here he was also directly responsible for Capgemini's largest division - the Technology Services division, which included systems development and integration as well as implementation of ERP systems. He was also Deputy CEO for this division at the Nordic level.
  • During the period 1991-1998 Carsten Sennov worked for Gartner; the last four years being based in Sydney, Australia, where he was Operations Director at Gartner Measurement Asia Pacific, Gartner's Benchmarking and Best Practice Division.
  • Carsten Sennov has also worked in product and sales roles for Gartner and IBM.
  • Carsten Sennov has been a sportsman at an elite level and has travelled extensively. His exploits include sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in a riverboat and later on, travelling six months in the Australian Outback. He has worked very extensively in personal development.
  • Read more on Carsten Sennov's LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/carstensennov
  • Email: carsten@sennovpartners.dk
  • Mobile: +45 4040 8558