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Consulting and Advisory in the Efficiency phase

  • Most companies come to a stage in their development where they need to focus on efficiency, while few have it as an integral part of their corporate culture.
  • As a manager you are now in a situation where you need to tighten up, minimize wasted time, improve processes, cut cost and save money. Basically you need to become more efficient and effective.
  • You might already have a priority list, but you don't have the time nor available resources to solve it since both you and your team already have a full calendar.
  • Maybe you have a "problem child" who steals too much of your time or does not get enough management attention because of lack of time and therefore might end up as a crisis project.
  • As your external partner and advisor, we help you to ensure that the selected areas and/or the "problem child" is given the necessary attention, so that the agreed goals can be met, while you are focusing on other challenges in your department/company.
  • This solution allows you to achieve your overall business and personal goals faster.
  • Identifying the priority list and cost cutting areas can be a task of its own - in close dialog with the responsible manager.