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Consulting/Advisory in the Entrepreneur phase

  • As a typical entrepreneur, you are very knowledgeable in your field but you may have some Knowledge gaps in running a business. In this phase many things must be done at once, and drive, enthusiasm and making mistakes are prevalent. It's extremely important for you to win contracts, to develop your services and to deliver them to your customers on time. You also need to hire the right people - and at the same time be able to create and adjust the overall strategy for the company.
  • You need help from someone who has had success in the entrepreneur role, someone you can trust and assign various tasks to, and where the probability of success is at least as great as if the task was done by yourself.
  • As your external partner and advisor, we help you focus on the big picture by assisting with the following:
  •          ¤ Getting your strategy in place
             ¤ Maintain and increase sales
             ¤ Get a grip on budgets and cash management
             ¤ Report to your banker and investors
             ¤ Address areas that need improvement
             ¤ Prioritize and find solutions
             ¤ Train the organization to handle tasks themselves
  • Once the immidiate challenges are resolved and things are working well, it is important to maintain and review the status regularly, which is achieved through monthly meetings, combined with telephone and email support. Separate ad-hoc meetings focusing on problem solving and learning are still available, if needed.