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Consulting and Advisory in the Expansion phase

  • While in the expansion phase you need the company to keep growing and developing in selected areas. From time to time you may need a new perspective, strategy or even 'extra sales muscles' to strengthen a certain business area in a given period to improve performance without losing momentum in the existing part of your business.
  • As a manager, you know that if you could focus more on the business development area, the growth would continue at a higher pace. You therefore need an extra hand from a successful and experienced BD Director with a fresh and innovative perspective on things.
  • As your external partner and advisor, we can help you to review, coach and consult, to develop winning sales strategy and build a dynamic sales team. The goal is to improve overall sales performance and BD skills. There may also be a need for improving the existing tools and processes in relation to the market strategy, key account plans, sales and forecast process, etc. Finally we can help individual salespeople in selected must-win cases.
  • Are you considering expanding abroad? Then we can help with market analysis and sales-, partner- and internet strategy.