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LinkedIn testimonials for Carsten Sennov

  • “I had the pleasure to cooperate with Carsten Sennov almost fulltime the whole year in 2010. We hired him as a business consultant to support me in a major turnaround project in our Danish office. To work with Carsten is a journey of developing both in business and personally. I have not met a person before that have such breath experience, knowledge and understanding of both business and people on all levels, and that willingly share it with you. You are sure to get result if you cooperate with Carsten. He has an enormous drive, enthusiasm and respect for all people. I warmly recommend Carsten and hope that I will get another opportunity to cooperate with him. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”
    Lotta Johansson, Acting Country Manager at Lindorff Danmark

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Carsten on a large-scale project funded by Vækstfonden (a state investment fund, which aims to create new growth companies by providing venture capital and competence).
    The project focused on smart electricity meters and associated high-tech communications systems, focusing on the end customer.
    Carsten came in "from outside" and did not know the sector well. He amazed us all with his ability to install himself into the new sector and its challenges on its road to the "Smart Grid". With his highly developed strategic skills, it was possible in just 9 months to cover the market and the various technologies, including implementation of a comprehensive market survey.
    Carsten is a reliable and pleasant person who works seriously and systematically towards the goal. He is a person I would always be happy to work with again.”
    Peter Harling Lykke, Head of Research and Development at NRGi

  • “I use Carsten both as a business-partner as well as a business-consultant. Carsten has shown great instant understanding of some very complex business situations. The breath of his solutions and suggested ways of getting there vary with the emergency and time allowed to present the solutions – not only leading through to great results, but also providing valuable tools to support personal work style and thus personal development during the process. I strongly recommend Carsten both for consulting as well as for personal development tasks – his knowledge and empathy are impressing.”
    Kim Bo Jensen, Business Manager and IT Development Manager Tele- and Consulting industry

  • “Carsten both helped me generate management tools and management skills. I can recommend Carsten Sennov as a trustworthy and skilled consultant. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity.”
    Mike Martinussen at Post Danmark, used Carsten as a Business Consultant

  • “I have experienced Carsten both as manager and colleague in Capgemini's board of directors during the tough years in the IT market after the IT bubble burst. From this period I can truly say that Carsten posses a very positive, always in a good mood and dedicated approach which Carsten manage to spread to his surroundings in a positive way – despite that the pressure and organisational stress level might be high. Carsten also has a good insight in the personal developments of his colleagues and how they are performing and developing in the team. This is an insight which I have seen Carsten use to coach and move persons and teams toward improved performance and self-worth.”
    Finn Peder Hove, CFO at Capgemini Denmark, worked directly with Carsten Sennov at Capgemini Denmark

  • “Carsten is a visionary manager. He trusts his team and has very strong coaching skills. He is good networker, and uses this in very professional way. It has been an exiting experience to work in Carsten's team.”
    Torben Hohlmann, Business Development Director, Capgemini reported to Carsten Sennov at Capgemini Denmark

  • “Carsten Sennov has the unique ability to assimilate best practices in leadership and consulting to draw the most from peer professionals, whether managers, team members, staff or clients. He is passionate about transferring those skills to others to make them as successful as they possibly can be. He also possesses the skill to capture the big picture without compromise and plot an incremental path to success.”
    John Polo, VP/Business Strategy Consulting at Gartner, managed Carsten Sennov at Gartner Measurement AsiaPacific

  • “I worked for Carsten at Cap Gemini and must say that I was very impressed by Carsten's 'people skills'. Carsten was always aware of the value of getting a team to work well together (2+2=5) and managed the synergy produced by a well functioning team to move forward and achieve the teams goals at the same time improving the teams cohesion and team spirit. Would do it again anytime :-)”
    John D'Arcy, Consultant at Cap Gemini, reported to Carsten Sennov at Capgemini Denmark

  • “I have come to know Carsten as a holistic leader, who is able to embrace everything from setting the high level strategic direction to managing detailed and operational issues.
    His personal drive and high motivation makes him a good colleague to peers as well as subordinates. Ask Carsten for help or advice, and you're certain to get it. Being a very reflected person, Carsten is willing to share his experiences, but is also very receptive to ideas, thoughts and input. Hence he becomes a great speaking partner. In combination with his ability to get things done - and done well - this makes him a cherished colleague and friend. Not just to me, but to a lot of people in Carstens professional surroundings.”
    Morten Kjær, VP & Director Consulting Services at Capgemini, worked directly with Carsten at Capgemini Denmark

  • “It is a pleasure to work with Carsten - he is a very constructive, holistic and reflected person. He has a multidiscipline approach and experience which ensures a very high quality in the solutions.”
    Mogens Madsen, Deputy Executive at Post Danmark

  • “I have had the pleasure of working for Carsten Sennov at Capgemini Denmark, and is very happy that I have been able to work with him on various project since then. He is one of the most inspirational and motivating persons I have been privileged to work with, and his level of professionalism is outstanding and his personal depths and insight equally so.”
    Michael Bernth, Owner and Art Director at mono voce aps

  • “It was a real pleasure working for Carsten. He had a people centred approach but with a strong business focus. His management and mentoring of me allowed for the introduction of a new benchmark study into the Australian marketplace. He can see potential and then knows how to bring out the best in people, either individually or within a team. I can only imagine that Carsten's skills and experience as a coach and speaker have grown bigger since we last worked together. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carsten.”
    Michael Wynter, Senior Service Manager at Gartner, reported to Carsten Sennov at Gartner Measurement AsiaPacific

  • “Carsten Sennov is the best people manager I have had at Capgemini. Carsten is an expert in people management because of his strong empathy and thus understanding of his employees, his excellence in motivation and his calmness of handling situations and conflicts. Carsten was also very visionary in his leadership thinking big and out of the box. Many employees asked for being a part of Carsten's team because of his great leadership. In fact it was my impression that Carsten at Capgemini was moved around in the organization where there were challenges with low employee satisfaction and thus Carsten every time he took over leadership increased the employee satisfaction.”
    Erik Helms, Business Development Manager at Capgemini, reported to Carsten Sennov at Capgemini Denmark

  • “Carsten is a revenue generating Warrior with an aptitude for adapting to change on the fly. he is a brilliant deal maker and his strategic thinking is invaluable.”
    Jim Watson, Country Manager, VP Sales, Executive Program Director, Gartner, managed Carsten at Gartner AsiaPacific

  • “Carsten was a great fresh of 'professional' air during my time with Gartner in Australia. In simple terms, his integrity and commercial client focused approach to dealing with strategic issues and challenges was commendable.
    I would strongly recommend Carsten's ability to strategically execute on any small, medium or large initiatives. Finally, a great man with a real passion for life!”
    Nick Gonios, Business Development Manager at Gartner Group Pacific